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Anonymous asked:
write about dan stealing a newborn from a hospital

Dan starred down at the small face. Was he really going to do this? Lately he had been wanting something more in life. A baby to look after would definitely be a positive thing in his life. He didn’t know what made him go to the hospital, why no adopt?, but he was there in minutes. His friend worked there so he snuck past the workers, lying about dropping something off. And there he stood. The defenseless baby tuck away in the small crib, surrounded by countless other babies. He could easily take it. 

Dan looked at the side of the crib and saw a name in bold letters: Timothy. Dan knew right away this was the one. He felt a strange connection to the child, like he was meant to protect him and care for him. Dan quickly slid he hands under Timothy, swiftly picking him up and carrying him away from the ward. He went out the back door and made it to his car before he heard sirens. He tucked Tim into a car seat and drove off. He was almost to his house when his phone rang. The caller ID said Sophie. Instantly he picked up. Sophie and her husband had been good friends of Dan’s for years now and they were having their own child as well, only about an hour away.

"Dan," Sophie cried, "he’s gone. We had the baby, Timothy, but he’s gone" she sobbed.

Dan quickly hung up and slammed his hand against the wheel. Shit.

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Friday, March 1st